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Implementation Facts and Benefits

Fastest way: Register Jump Codes for access by consumers to your targeted Web locations via JumpCode.com

High volume access: License Jump Code System features for use throughout your own company or branded Web sites

Consumer access: Consumers get access to Jump Codes from a specialized smartphone interface, or from our generic JumpCode.com Web site

Strong offers make successful Jump Code promotions: Develop compelling, measurable promotions using strong call-to-action copy to maximize the response from multiplatform advertising programs utilizing Jump Code-enabled access

We make it easy to incorporate online interactive features with your next advertising campaign or promotion, with our flexible Jump Code System licensing options

The Jump Code System is a fast, flexible, and affordable way to make your next advertising program or promotion interactive, in all of the media formats you buy: In print, direct mail, outdoor, television, radio, events, packaging, and any other "offline" media advertising format that's part of your integrated marketing program.

Planning Guidelines for Agencies, Brand Managers, and Marketing Professionals

Here are some points to consider prior to planning and implementing a Jump Code-enabled response for your advertising program:

Compelling Jump Code-enabled promotions with a strong call to action lead to measurable advertising programs generating solid sales response and ROI

Start with a strong online promotion that supports your ad messaging: Just like any call to action, consumers need strong online promotions to provide them with the incentive to enter Jump Codes to reach you online. Attractive "sign up now" savings offers, free samples, and access to strong premium content or other valuable online features, such as games, contests, or rich media, such as video, make compelling online promotions that attract consumers and generate strong, measurable response to your Jump Code-enabled advertising programs. Call to action offers that incite action by consumers, because of their perceived value, utility, and relevance to your advertising, make for exciting and successful Jump Code-based promotions;

For accurate measurability of advertising, assign a Jump Code for each ad placement, by publication, issue, or other variable

Build measurability into your advertising programs from the beginning: The Jump Code System introduces an unprecedented level of accuracy and precision to measurement of your advertising progams. Get the most from this power by assigning a unique Jump Code for each ad layout or deliverable, by each placement, insertion, and media form. We provide full reporting capabilities to help you measure Jump Code response from every advertising insertion.

Make your Jump Code promotion tag clear and visible to consumers in your advertising: Use clear promotional tag statements and visuals in print and video (with audio voiceover cut-ins for broadcast) to state your call to action offer, and motivate consumers to respond to your advertising by entering Jump Codes the moment they see your ads.

Contact us to discuss how to utilize the Jump Code System in your next advertising program or promotion

Got a question? Let us know: We're here to help you with advice on how best to clearly present and execute your Jump Code-enabled promotions to generate maximum response in all media. Contact us for further information and advice on how to optimize your advertising and online features utilizing Jump Code access for your next advertising program.

The Jump Code System: Licensing Options

We offer two types of service for Jump Code access, based on advertiser usage, applications, and volume.

Our standard service, JCOS, provides access by consumers through our JumpCode.com Web site, and our JCL licensing option provides access via Jump Codes on the top-level domain of your own site or brand.

The Jump Code Open System (JCOS): Consumers Reach Your Targeted Web Locations Through JumpCode.com

To register your own Jump Codes from our online JCOS registry, click here

Consumers can reach your targeted Web locations through our main consumer-facing site, JumpCode.com, using a Jump Code assigned to each Web location on your brand’s Web site.

The Jump Code Open System is an online registry where you can reserve, assign, register, and link Jump Codes to your specific Web promotions and other targeted advertising applications.

Five or six-digit Jump Codes are available either by random assignment, or you can select your own, custom Jump Codes (at higher cost) to provide consumers with a more relevant, easily remembered Jump Code (for example, Jump Code “222222,” or Jump Code “123123”).

Jump Codes help you extend the reach of your current SMS mobile promotions, and the quality of the online content you can offer to smartphone users on targeted Web locations and microsites

Select Jump Codes to match your current SMS Common Short Codes: If you are currently running SMS mobile advertising campaigns using Common Short Codes (CSCs), you can also reserve an identical Jump Code to your CSC (if available), to make your program accessible to both mobile users and to all PC users.

Once you’ve reserved and registered your assigned Jump Codes under JCOS, you can then publish them in your advertising, packaging, on-air spots or any other “offline” deliverable in your traditional advertising program to drive consumers to your targeted online promotions or information, using prominent taglines in your advertising.

Consumers using smartphones, wireless devices, and PCs simply access JumpCode.com, enter the Jump Code from your ad to reach your targeted Web location, instantly. It’s easy for them, and easy for you to implement.

Click here to more information on reserving and registering Jump Codes for access via JumpCode.com, or contact us if you have any questions or need more information on utilizing Jump Codes in your advertising and promotions.


The Jump Code Licensing (JCL) Service Option: Operate a Private Jump Code-Enabled System With Your Own Company or Branded Web Sites

Provide access to large numbers of targeted Web locations or microsites reachable by Jump Code access from your own top-level Web domain, with our JCL option

With our Jump Code Licensing (JCL) service option, you can link consumers directly from your advertising to targeted promotions or specialized Web locations by enabling consumers to enter Jump Codes directly on your own brand’s Web site.

With the JCL option, you place a Jump Code entry window throughout your company’s .com or branded product domain, and receive unlimited blocks of Jump Codes (3 to 6 multi-digit codes) to utilize in all of your advertising campaigns.

Consumers access the targeted Web locations featured in your advertising by accessing your Web site, and entering the Jump Code on your site to reach your targeted Web location or microsite.

The Jump Code Licensing option is especially suited for larger brand advertisers making widespread use of print and on-air to online advertising programs utilizing Jump Code-enabled promotions. Access to unlimited blocks of Jump Codes and special programming features available with the JCL option provide you with greater control and flexibility in running Jump Code-based services within your brand’s Web site.

For more information on the Jump Code Licensing option, contact us.

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