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Major Benefits to SMS Mobile Advertisers:

Extend the reach and response of your interactive mobile promotions to any consumer, using any Web-enabled device, in addition to mobile users

Easily accessible on any Web-enabled mobile device, at less cost—no mobile aggregators, carrier permissions or data deck access required

Jump Codes link mobile smartphone users instantly to any Web-based page, content, or feature at your targeted Web location or microsite

Set up your Jump Code-enabled promotions in minutes—Jump Code implementation is not dependent on wireless carriers or aggregators

Replace Your SMS Promotions, Run More Effective Advertising Programs at
Higher Profit and Less Cost, with
the Jump Code System

With the Jump Code System, you can replace your current SMS Short Code-based mobile advertising programs, to reach the widest possible base of consumers using any Web-enabled mobile device, smartphone, or PC, linking these consumers instantly to a wider range of the targeted Web-based promotions and rich media that engage consumers and build measurable sales response in both online and traditional advertising.

Expand the Reach of Your Traditional Advertising Beyond Basic SMS
Short Code Promotions, with the Jump Code System

The Jump Code System expands the reach of print and other offline advertising promotions beyond the limitations of SMS short code-based promotions, enabling you reach any consumer using any Web-enabled device, not just yesterday’s cell phones using limited, 1985-era SMS text messaging technology.

Jump Code Advantages vs. SMS Short Code Promotions:

• Your promotions reach any Web-enabled device, not just mobile phones;
• Less expensive than SMS Short Code implementation;
• Faster to execute—no aggregators or provisioning required;
• No separate agreements with individual wireless carriers;
• No delays in response to the mobile user;
• Your Jump Code-based promotions are accessible to consumers worldwide

Increasing Speed-to-Purchase for Mobile Consumers

Integrated advertising programs combining print, broadcast, and other traditional advertising with online promotions increase response rates, measurability, and overall return on your advertising campaigns.

By utilizing Jump Code-enabled promotions in your print advertising, on-air television and radio spots, outdoor, product packaging, and event promotions, you take an important step toward realizing the promise of integration, by making your advertising immediately actionable by consumers, at the time they’re most interested in learning more about—or buying—your product.

Whatever the goals of your advertising program, there is a Jump Code-based application that connects consumers from your offline advertising to your online presence:

• Special savings and coupon offers;
• Targeted sales promotions;
• Brand-building;
• Buyer loyalty programs;
• Opt-in email contact programs;
• Events;
• Outdoor and venue ad programs;
• Contests;
• Product packaging;
• Geo-location based advertising;
• Interactive video displays and kiosks

Jump Codes help you reach the growing numbers of consumers using smartphones and other fully Web-enabled mobile devices

Jump Codes integrated with your mobile advertising help your ad and sales promotion programs engage consumers and integrate your print, on-air, and online efforts as never before. They’re the shortest, most efficient link between print advertising and your online presence, and the best way to reach growing numbers of mobile consumers using smartphones or any other Web-enabled devices.

Eight Reasons Why The Jump Code System is Better than SMS Short Code-Based Promotions:

Jump Codes are accessible on any consumer Internet device: Jump Codes are accessible on any Web-enabled device, in addition to Web-enabled mobile phones and smartphones—PCs, laptops, etc. SMS Short Code promotions are accessible only to cell phone users;

Jump Codes link instantly to any URL: SMS Short Codes cannot link to Web locations on cell phones that don't access the Internet—therefore most current SMS short code promotions today are limited and do not provide the offline-to-online linking that Jump Codes provide;

Jump Codes provide easier access to Web locations: On smartphones, and on most Web-enabled mobile phones, Jump Code access is faster and more efficient for consumers, who need only enter a Jump Code to reach the advertiser's location after entering "jumpcode" in their browser. With SMS, the consumer must send a text message to a short code, and then wait anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or more to receive a text message with a URL; then they have to click the URL to get to the location;

Jump Codes cost less: Our monthly fees are half the cost of Short Codes. With short codes the advertiser also has to pay "mobile aggregators"—middlemen who work with wireless carriers to set up short code promotions—in addition to leasing short codes;

Jump Code-enabled promotions are much faster to implement: there are time delays in setting up Short Code promotions due to the mobile aggregators and wireless carriers involved. This delay can be as long as eight weeks;

Provision once, provision everywhere: Common Short Codes are a U.S.-only based service and do not work with any wireless carrier outside the U.S. Jump Codes work anywhere in the world, which is a major benefit for global consumer advertisers running campaigns overseas;

No delays, greater reliability: Short code promotions may be subject to delays and service outages depending on performance of individual wireless carriers. Jump Code programs operate on the open Internet and function as long as the user's phone has Internet access;

No wireless carrier dependency: Wireless carriers have veto power over granting short codes from advertisers who provide services competitive to their offerings. Any short code advertiser can be rejected by any carrier

Jump Codes Make it Easy for Consumers to Reach You Online, Anywhere, from Your Print, On-Air, or Other "Offline" Advertising Campaigns

Jump Codes printed in your advertising are easy for Web-enabled mobile or other users to enter to reach your targeted Web locations or brand microsites. Consumers simply access jumpcode.com and enter the Jump Code in the Web-based interface to reach any Web location or microsite you’ve assigned to this Jump Code. It’s that simple.

For consumers, Jump Code access makes access to these highly targeted and specific Web locations quick and easy, opening up tremendous possibilities for you to link these users directly to any online feature at your Web site. Now, access to any Web locations or microsites you develop for any promotion, no matter how long their URLs, can be reached by short, easy-to-enter multi-digit Jump Codes.

Flexibility to Meet Any Mobile Response Application by Linking Your Traditional Advertising to Targeted Online Web Locations or Microsites

Jump Code-based promotions can link consumers instantly to any targeted product information or any other content or interactive feature, such as contests or sweepstakes offers, at targeted Web locations within your own Web site, or on microsites within your brand’s Web domain.

Adapt and change your promotions quickly by changing the URLs "behind" Jump Codes used in your advertising

The Jump Code System also gives you the ability to change, modify, or test new promotions tied to Jump Codes associated with any advertising program. While a Jump Code printed in an ad or displayed in an on-air spot can remain fixed and unchanged, you can change the promotional offer or other Web information linked to that Jump Code by modifying the linked page, or by easily replacing the URL “behind” this Jump Code with Jump Code campaign management features.

Utilizing a fixed Jump Code in advertising combined with a fully changeable URL or microsite location allows you to change or substitute promotional offers as you track response to a Jump Code-based promotion. Jump Codes linked to advertising give you the unprecedented ability to measure, modify and improve your advertising campaigns “on the fly,” even after they’re underway, introducing a whole new level of flexibility and interactivity to formerly static offline advertising programs.

Tracking and Measurability for Print, On-Air, and Other “Offline” Advertising

Jump Codes help you accurately track and measure response and ROI in every ad, placement, and media

You can utilize the Jump Code System to execute, track, and measure the response from any promotion linked to any advertising campaign, through reporting features in our Web-based management and reporting system. In addition to counts of Jump Code access by ad, spot, or other media placement, Jump Code accesses can be logged by time of day, date, IP location, or repeat usage.

Including Jump Code-based promotions in your advertising adds powerful new measurability to your advertising programs, and helps you readily measure consumer response to promotions and return on advertising campaigns by tracking Jump Code response.

Whatever the goals of your new mobile advertising program: Brand-building, sales promotion, events, buyer loyalty offers, contests, or any initiative where the goal is to link your consumers from your advertising program to your online presence, the Jump Code System is the fastest, most efficient, effective, and measurable way to link your consumers from your traditional advertising to online promotions and microsites that turn shoppers into buyers.

For more information, contact us, or click here to reserve Jump Codes for your next SMS advertising campaign.

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